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There are two parts to making music. 
The first part is the building of the city. Like Paris. 
The second part is the builder carves his eyeballs out of their sockets and then walks through the city he built. 

One thought on “2 Parts to Making Music.

  1. Makana, You really lifted my spirit the other night in Berkeley. With all the darkness and death in the world right now, your message of love from the heart just blew me away! Speaking of blowing me away, I play harmonica and ukulele.
    Harmonica is my forte, truly. When it’s possible, I play with an o’hana in Marin called the U.F.O.’s. Ukulele Friends O’hana. I feel very special when blowing my harp with 25 ukuleles! I dabble in guitar as well. Maybe it’s time to retune!! I bet you were the influence on my friend Keith Samse? Do you know him? I now know why he sat his ukulele down for slack key now.
    I’m going to try and make one of your shows in Napa later this week and bring a friend.
    Happy Tears Here

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