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“I am, by default, participating in a fierce competition for democratic expression;
meaning that I, the citizen, compete with giant corporations for influence
over government policy, and the determining factor of such is a politician,
who is essentially another competitor in such a system,
and that his or her choices are swayed by capital, which in terms of amount,
there can be no comparison: I have little and the corporations have much.

But I have a voice. Lend me your ear.” – Makana


PC: Lilikoi

One thought on “Lend Me Your Ear

  1. You are inspiring our youth and our elders to seek a better future! I won’t be here to see it but I have so much hope and desire for a peaceful, beautiful world. I want you to keep pushing and creating something that can’t be ignored. You are “the gift” so you will have a huge impact in your life time.

    Much Aloha,


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