Twenty Five


LIMITED EDITION “25″ (Manufacture run of only 2500) “25” celebrates Makana’s 25th anniversary as a slack key guitarist with a 25 song, double-album (2 CD) opus split into 2 discs.

The first, “RAW”, a collection of songs that showcase Makana’s unique approach to the classic forms of folk, blues and ballads. With all but two of its songs recorded in one 13-hour session through a single mic (true monophonic) into an analog reel-to-reel tape machine, there exists no more intimate a capture of Makana’s powerhouse, dynamic voice and performance style. Notable original compositions include “Sexy Lady”, a beastly offering harkening back to the early 20th century “killing floor” blues style blended with slack key and perhaps Makana’s most provocative vocal performance on record, as well as “Saboteur”, an intimate and chilling look at the subtle yet powerful forces that shape our lives.

The companion disc “ROOT” time travels back to Makana’s youth as a protégé of Bobby Moderow Jr and the late Sonny Chillingworth. Again, completely captured to (analog) tape, it conveys a deep sense of the old, beloved Hawaiian classics of Makana’s childhood. In recording the record, Makana says: “The morning we were going to record ROOT I was digging through my storage and found the old songbook I used as a teenager on my first gigs. In it were many of the songs I grew up with, played at my early shows when I was just starting to gig, and hadn’t played in many years. I brought it to the studio, sat in front of the mic and opened the book, randomly flipping through its pages. When I’d see a song that spoke to me, I thought about which slack key tuning to utilize, tuned, took a deep breath and said “makaukau (ready)” to the engineers (Shane Drew & Pierre Grill). What you hear on ROOT are first-take, unedited performances that went straight onto the record. I wanted to capture that innocence, to convey that humanity, vulnerability and presence in those performances.” The result is what some are calling his finest recording and performances of Hawaiian slack key guitar music.

“25” is a very limited release, with only 2500 copies manufactured. This will surely be a collector’s item. Get yours while they last.