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I’m celebrating my own holiday. I call it Forgiving Day.

No big feast, no party, no friends or family. Just a Recognition and Release, over and over, of any and all clenching in my mind, in my heart, in my soul. Wherever a thought interrupts my breath, I recognize I am holding onto some particular view of the past or perhaps fearing about some possible future, and in doing either of these I am in conflict. By being in conflict, I am creating it.

There is one eternal moment. It encompasses the past, present and future, because these three are merely points of relativity on an infinite wave of potential experience with no beginning and no ending. Simply put, how I feel about the past, present or future directly affects how I experience all of them. Time is only an accounting of movement, nothing else. If I want to move smoothly through Life, I must first let go of any attachments to how life “could’ve been or should be”, center in what Is, and transcend my limited view- based on my self-centered viewpoint, of course- so that a broader, more “inclusive” perspective- one that, perhaps, makes no sense to the individual, but perfect sense to the collective- may permeate my Being, and with it, the experience of “no conflict”, otherwise known as Peace.

True forgiveness is a letting go of any expectations that the past should have been other than it was. In doing so, the Divine Trust opens an account in your name at the Bank of Life, with unlimited credit, redeemable in every circumstance, regardless of outcome. True forgiveness is a reclamation of True Wealth. It is a recognition that Life is a dream, a polarized story, with protagonists and antagonists, angels and demons, joy and suffering, and that the perception we harbor of who we are- our own “individuality”- is in actuality quite different in comparison to our true nature: temporal experiential molecular collections fantasizing individuality. Or as I like to call us: Feelers for the One.

The world is experiential; we see it as so real, but it is merely a dream, no more real than the dreams we experience whilst asleep. It demands continuity, and we demand continuity from it. But when we dream, there is no continuity. Dreams offer us everything waking Life does.. save continuity. As an experiment, try treating your waking life as though it is a dream. You’ll start to notice where fear comes into play, where you start to grab, to hold, to attach, to hold your breath, to expect, to fret, to assign weight to a perception. This, my friend, is where the art of Forgiving is best applied.

You see, forgiving isn’t only something we can do regarding major events or people. Forgiving is a way of living: living to the fullest. It is a default response to what otherwise might be perceived (and received) as conflict. It is- in real time- accepting that yes, I am Dreaming; I am a Dream! And in acknowledging such, I am able to allow whatever may come to move through me, unattached, yet engaged, and fully present in Being Light.

And now, back to my celebration of Forgiving Day. Forgiveness is a faucet, pouring love forth. I think I’ll leave it running.. forever.


3 thoughts on “The Faucet of Flowing Forgiveness

  1. You are a treasure Makana. Here you’ve beautifully summarized what is required for forward momentum without effort. First simply “let go” of what is not serving us, and then acceptance that this is a shared collective dream of which our mind is the architect/poet/composer. A harmonious uplifting song of unity is not “written” through stressful striving effort and holding on to pain and suffering, but rather in the surrender to the Light– something you’ve clearly nearly mastered.
    Given a chance, the ego will cling to and exploit anything we feed it. Thank you for giving our senses something to offset this perpetual quest of self-forgiveness.
    Mahalo nui loa… for love and BEAUTY in a world that so easily forgets to remember that this is our true essence and divine nature.

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