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If distant sentient beings came upon the Earth and human civilization for the first time, and observed the varying cultural customs, values, behaviors, beliefs and expressions- especially the sounds, languages, rhythms and melodies- then lovingly, without concept or prejudice, wove their observations into a synoptical aural presentation primarily utilizing the instruments and known vocal techniques of humanity, thereby creating a music inclusive of all previous human musical expressions, transcendent of genre and category: the result would be, I imagine, resonant with what I am hearing in the ether which yet lacks actual sound; I am hearing into existence this invisible, silent world. This is the music I want to create. It is being born now. Free of all concept, I am disinterested in the cages of musical form that keep bloodlines from mixing. Stir it up, it is all available; we don’t need to think like we used to anymore. The sound is here to serve us back our emotions in magnified majesty; we are formless in our highest expression of Being, and so let our music be freed from limiting forms as well. Tear down the borders that perpetuate inequity in art. May the officers of customs leave their posts for better positions in this great melting pot of song. Tradition is a living entity, a young woman longing to be broken open so that she may discover her deepest self. Music is discovery.

One thought on “Music is Discovery

  1. I want to hear that.
    Tradition is also an old woman, longing to be dissolved so that she may return to the gate where she came through when she was born so long ago. Home is where the music is, an old familiar tune. The sign at the gate says: welcome back, Beautiful Angel!

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