Makana is interviewed in this documentary film about the adverse impact of chemical intensive genetic-engineered crop farming in Hawai’i.

Farmers, Community, Artists speak out: “For over 20 years, Hawai’i has been the global center for the open-field testing of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), including pharmaceutical crops. Over 5,000 experimental tests have been conducted by Monsanto, Dow, Dupont/Pioneer, Syngenta and BASF that spray chemicals on an almost daily basis on our most valuable lands. Many of the lands leased to these multinational biotech firms are owned by Kamehameha Schools (formerly Bishop Estate), Hawai’i’s largest private landowner and (with assets of around $10 billion) one of the richest trusts in the world.”

Within 2 weeks of this expose on Kamehameha Schools’ secret biotech leases, the trust admitted to the public their previously-secret leases to biotech ag firms. While claiming to support “aloha ‘aina” (love for the land) and traditional, sustainable farming practices, Kamehameha Schools continues to allow the lands they control to be utilized for GMO experiments and the propagation of genetically engineered seed crops. Essentially, by allowing these companies to conduct toxic industrial agricultural practices on their land, Kamehameha Schools is participating in chemical warfare on sacred Hawaiian lands.

Kamehameha Schools should fully disclose to the public all of their their land leases to these biotech firms so that the public may be made aware of the potential threats to their communities, land and health. Further, they should move to terminate leases as they come up for renewal. For more information on the campaign to EVICT MONSANTO from Kamehameha Schools, visit

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