Elections or Selections? You don’t need an anchorman to know which way the news goes.


Bernie’s at the pulpit
Wakin up the Democrats
I’m on the Facebook
Thinking about the government
Some libs on the left side
Gave up, moved right
Heck it ain’t their plight
Said they don’t wanna fight
Look out kid
Ain’t nothing you did
But you can’t get a job
That pays more than 8 quid
You better get to that rally today
Looking to get outta debt
A woman in a pantsuit
Getting off a Lear jet
Wants to be a shoe in
But you just don’t know yet

Hillary on a high horse
Mouth full of changing course
Talking while the banks put
Gifts in an envelope
Emails, C.I.A.
Wish they’d just go away
I.T. immunity
Here comes the DOJ
Look here, kid
You know what she did
But now it’s just history
It’s different than she’s gonna be
Update her biography
Plagiarize philosophy
Even if you don’t agree
At least she ain’t the GOP
You don’t need principles
When all you want is victory

Ah vote counts, no it won’t
Party rules, voter don’t
Caucus bureaucracy
Delegate autocracy
Some pledged, unpledged
Superdelegates a hedge
Long lines, gettin’ cross
Outta ballots, coin toss
Listen, kid
You gotta get rid
Of the lobbyists, cheaters
Corrupt party leaders
Party line repeaters
Girl on the 6’o’clock news
Says sorry, you lose
But you still got hours to go
Standing in a voting queue

Ah get mad, act bad
Short fuse, tease Cruz
Own the news
Wear a wig, talk big
Then try to renege
Race bait, sling hate, instigate
Police state, dictate
You wanna build a wall?
You’d better get on back to real estate
Watch it kid
We’ve already slid
Into fascist territory
He’s only in it for the glory
Trump and Clinton BFF
He’s screwing with the right and left
General election he gon’ fail
Hillary won’t go to jail
Trump gets kickback she gets crowned
Don’t let the Revolution shut itself down
Vote for Bernie

Allen Ginsberg: Brian von Ahsen​
Bob Neuwirth: Budgie​
Signs: Dina Azrak​
Drums: Dan Bruce
Bass: Loren Sinner​
Electric Guitar: Jerry Todo
Acoustic Guitar/ Harmonica/ Vocal/ Lyrics: Makana
Camera: Gerard Elmore
Audio Engineer: Jeff Woolen

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